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Transcript of Madame Roland

Madame Roland Bibliographie modèle de virtue et de l`heroisme pour les girondins et la haute moyenne classe
devez parler pour elle même
aimé par tout sauf les jacobins (radicaux) Jean-Marie Roland les Girondins François Buzot Par: Natalie née en 1754 à Paris

née dans la haute moyenne classe

famille travaillaient comme des graveurs

éduqué dans un couvent 1765-1766

1780, elle a epousé Jean-Marie Roland

Marie-Thérèse Eudora, 1781 Girondins: faction modérée dans la révolution

influencé le monde autour d`elle de la part de son mari

écrivait pour son mari

âout 1792, Louis XVI a perdu contrôle du gouvernement

1793, Louis était exécuté- changé le ton de la révolution l`opinion du publique: en 1792, elle est tombée en amour.. encore Les connections:
- Louis XVI Jean-Marie Roland a fui en 1793
elle était emprisonnée, comme beaucoup de girondins.


executé le 8 novembre 1793

Full transcript

MANUEL ROSA is a Portuguese-American historian born in Madalena, Azores, who moved to Somerville, MA, in 1973. He currently lives in North Carolina and works at Duke University.
Since 1991, Manuel Rosa has spent all his available time carrying out a scientific investigation of the life of Christopher Columbus. This 22-year investigation is ongoing and has taken him to the Dominican Republic, to Poland, Portugal, Spain and all places in between in his relentless quest for the truth. He was the only Portuguese historian involved with the DNA studies of Columbus' bones at the University of Granada and was responsible for getting D. Duarte, Duke of Braganza as well as the Count of Ribeira Grande to participate in those DNA tests.
In 2006, after 15 years of research, Mr. Rosa published his first academic book, "O Mistério Colombo Revelado" (The Columbus Mystery Revealed). In 2009 he published a second book "Colombo Português-Novas Revelações" (Portuguese Columbus-New Revelations), prefaced by Professor Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão (Ex-President of the Portuguese Academy of History, Professor Emeritus and Dean of the University of Lisbon).
The book, "Portuguese Columbus-New Revelations" received accolades from the Portuguese academics, including from Professor Manuel Mendonça, President of the Portuguese Academy of History.
Mr. Rosa's third book, "COLÓN. La Historia Nunca Contada" (Columbus. The Untold Story) was published in Spain in 2010 and was translated and published as "KOLUMB. Historia Nieznana" (COLUMBUS. Unknown History) in Poland where it is having great success.
Fluent in three languages and conversant in three more, he was well prepared to juxtapose the facts documents and chronicles of different kingdoms in order to flush out the facts of history. Since 2006, Mr. Rosa has been considered the top expert on Columbus history and has been interviewed by various reporters around the world including Público, SIC TV, RTP TV, BBC Radio, WNPR, El Mundo, Telegraph, New York Daily, etc, and made the cover of Newsweek Magazine (Poland).
His lectures, presented at universities, schools and organizations in Portugal, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, and USA, are succeeding in convincing the attendees that the history of Columbus that we knew contained little truth and his books have become the standard by which Columbus biographies are being judged.
Miltiades Varvounis, distinguished Greek-Polish historian, researcher and critically acclaimed author wrote that Rosa's book "is a magnum opus and by no means should be considered a work of pseudo history or just another source of nutty conspiracy theories. Rosa’s numerous reliable findings and solid theories would make Sherlock Holmes jealous. The History of Columbus has many mixed-up facts and personalities, and maybe the time has come for the discoverer’s life to be finally rewritten. - Source Lithuanian Heritage Magazine, (January/February 2913)