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Gsaps Scholarship Essays

To support our PhD students in their research work and in completing their dissertations, GSAPS publishes a collection of essays twice every year. This collection is distributed to the various departments in Waseda University and research institutes. All essays are also available on the web of the Waseda University Repository. In order for the essay to be considered for print, students must follow the stipulated guidelines. A panel of examiners and The GSAPS Editorial Committee will review it and only essays that meet the requirements will be published. Many students contribute actively to each publication.

Rules for Contributors *Corrections in red were updated on 21 Nov. 2016.

1. Submission Rules

Students presently enrolled in the GSAPS PhD Program are eligible to submit articles to the journal (students taking a leave of absence are not eligible). Those who have not submitted the doctoral thesis but have completed the interim presentation and withdrawn from the program may also submit to the GSAPS journal. However, in this case he/she may only submit within 3 years after his/her withdrawal. 

2. Important Requirement for All Manuscripts

Articles submitted to the Journal of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies must be previously unpublished original research articles. 

3. Submission Deadlines

Deadlines for submission: Twice per year 

  • The deadline for the Fall volume is in late April, by 5pm.
  • The deadline for the Spring volume is in late October, by 5pm. 

*The deadline for Volume 36 (Fall 2018) is Thursday, April 26, 2018 by 5pm (Application closed).

4. Required Documents and Methods of Submission

(1)  Manuscript Submission 

  • Submit electronic versions of the article (with two different copies of the article: a Word file with the author’s name on it, and as a PDF file with the author’s name removed [for peer-review]) via e-mail to:
  • Please use your Waseda e-mail address when submitting your article
  • Please label the Subject Line in the e-mail as well as your attached articles (digital files) as“[Student ID]_GSAPS Journal No.XX”
  • Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered for the upcoming volume.
  • The time of submission is treated as the time at which the e-mail is received at the journal’s e-mail address   ( 

(2) Application Form Submission 

  • Fill out and submit the application form to the GSAPS Office.
  • You can download the application form from here.
  • Students must obtain a signature and personal seal from their supervisor in order to submit the application form and manuscript to the journal. 
  • In addition to submitting a paper copy of the application form (with signature/seal), students should also submit a digital version of the application form (without signature/seal) to the journal’s e-mail address ( at the same time you submit your manuscript Word/PDF files via e-mail. 

If your submission of both (1) and (2) by the deadline cannot be confirmed by the office, your article submission will be excluded from the screening for the upcoming volume. 

5. Peer-review System & Plagiarism Checks

All articles are subject to a double-blind review by anonymous referees, and final decisions regarding acceptance are made by the Editorial Board. Additionally, prior to consideration for review, all submitted articles are screened with anti-plagiarism software by the Editorial Board. 

6. Method of Correspondence

Correspondence regarding the result of your submission and other information will be sent to your Waseda mail’s e-mail address provided to you at matriculation. (e.g. ○○○

7. Copyright Information

Copyrights of the articles published in this journal belong to GSAPS. As a condition of publication in the Journal of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, all published articles are made available through the Waseda University Repository. Contributors should submit their articles with a full understanding that accepted articles will be released to the repository.

8. Contact Information

  • Inquiries:
  • For questions regarding document formatting and writing guidelines, please address your inquiries to: The WIAPS Research Associates
  • For general questions (submission method, etc.), please address your inquiries to: The GSAPS Office Journal Manager (Mr. Sakamoto / Ms. Masuda) 
  • Waseda University Repository


・You can download the application form from here.

Preparation of Manuscripts

・Preparation of Manuscripts(PDF)# Updated on 1 September, 2017
・Please check here for requirements before submission. #updated on April 13th, 2017

GSAPS Editorial Committee

Prof. MATSUOKA, Shunji (Chief editor)
Prof. KATSUMA, Yasushi
Prof. LEE, Jong Won
Assistant Prof. LEE, Sean
Assistant Prof. TONEGAWA, Yoshiko





Scholarship Registration←Click here

Registration Period : 2nd to 9th of April , 2018
Applicable students:Students who admit or  return to school in 2018 Spring Semester
FYI:You will need to submit following two documents.
1. Essay (New students only)
  Theme: My goals as a graduate student of GSAPS.
  * Please write 1200 characters in Japanese or 600 words in English. Please write down your name and student number. (Free format, A4 size.)
2. Photocopy of your residence card (Back and Front)


AY2017 Azusa Ono Memorial Scholarship (for graduate school)

1. Application Form (due October 13th,  2017   5 P.M.)
Please submit the application form and the related documents to GSAPS Office personally by the deadline.


AY2017 Scholarship for Young Doctoral Students

1. Application Form (due November 17th,  2017   5 P.M.)
Please submit the application form and the related documents to GSAPS Office personally by the deadline.
*Please do not modify the format of the application form. Expanding the section etc.